Smart Water Detector

Detect whether there is water leakage through probe sensing, if there is any water leakage in the detection area, an alarm will be issued immediately and sent to the mobile application to remind user.

Smart Security, Intelligent Warning.

Detect the water leakage in time to avoid losses.
  • Water Leakage Detection

  • Scene Linkage

  • Group Control



Remind you to turn off the faucet on time.

Water-immersion Alarm

Prevent Water Damage

Smart Water Detector

Dimensions: 106*60*36 (mm)
Working Current: ≤25mA
ZigBee: IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee3.0 2.4GHz
Working Voltage: 3V(CR2450 battery)
Transmit Power: ≤10dBm
Low Voltage Alarm:2.5V ±0.2V
Receive Sensitivity: - 96dBm
Detection Method: probe
Working Temperature: - 20℃~70℃
Battery Life: more than one year
Standby Current : ≤10μA
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