Smart Home System

A Full-House Smart System Solution

The Konke Smart Home solution upgrades household appliances through cutting-edge wireless technology, enabling full-house smart system. With a simple touch or a voice command, you and your family members can control nearly all the devices in your home. Konke’s technology will liberate you from the tedious processes required to manage your appliances and home.

Independent R&D, comprehensive product range, technological advantage for full-house smart system

10 Functions of the Konke Smart Home Ecosystem


Smart access control settings

Say goodbye to traditional keys, and enjoy a remarkable improvement in the quality of life. With door sensors, door eye viewers and other equipment, the family's first line of defense is much stronger.

Energy safety management system

The system manages equipment energy consumption and electricity use, providing reference data and feasible energy-saving solutions when required.

Smart household appliance control system

Remotely control switches in your home with the touch of a button on your smartphone APP, anytime and anywhere.

Smart curtain control system

Fully open/close curtains, or set them to open to varying degrees, such as 28% or 50%. Setup scenario-based routines, to automatically open/close the curtain.

Smart security monitoring system

cameras, motion sensors, smoke and water leakage detectors, audible and visual alarms and other equipment, can effectively protect your family and eliminate potential safety hazards.

Indoor environment control system

Environment sensors, humidifiers, air purifiers, central air conditioning, electric heating, fresh air, fan controllers and other equipment ensure that you have a comfortable home environment 24/7.

Voice recognition control system

Voice control system can support all kinds of appliances. Whether it is a smart speaker or a voice robot, enjoy the convenience of voice interaction with a simple pass phrase.

Human-computer smart interaction system

Smart interaction not only through the smartphone APP, but also through WeChat, TV, speakers, background music system, etc.

Smart audio-visual control system

The smart audio-visual control system can automatically integrate lights, curtains, projector, background music system and other equipment, creating a smart home theater viewing experience.

Smart light control system

In addition to the local manual control, you can also control the lights remotely via the APP, or the voice control when you are at home. With the smart light control system, you can easily create different scenario-based mood lighting.

Wake Up Mode - 6:30

Start a wonderful day

In the morning, the curtains slowly open, the sun shines into your room and wakes you up. You stretch out and get up. As you brush your teeth, the smart speaker lets you know about the weather, temperature and air quality, and gives you some tips on dressing and morning exercises.

Leave Home Mode - 7:30

Secure your family with one button

When you leave home, set the system to Leave Home mode. The lights and appliances in your home automatically adjust to this mode. The moment the front door is closed, the motion sensors and audible and visual alarms in the corridor, hallway, and sensors on the doors and windows are ready to protect you. The curtains slowly close, and the smart camera focuses on the hallway. The smart video doorbell captures every single stranger’s face, the moment it notices any movement.

Home Mode - 19:00

Even when you are alone, you can enjoy a warm home

After a tiring day’s work, when you get back, and unlock the front door with your fingerprint, the lights on the porch, the corridor, living room, turn on, just for you. At the same time, the smart speakers begin playing your favorite music and the water heater in the bathroom switches on. After taking a comfortable shower, the smart rice cooker reminds you, to enjoy a delicious meal.

Entertainment Mode - 21:00

Private theater—a romantic date at home

A busy work schedule is definitely not an excuse to not go to a movie with the one you love. If you don’t have time to go to a movie, just enjoy a romantic night at home. When you select the Entertainment mode, the curtains automatically close, the movie screen slowly slides down, and there is appropriate ambient lighting. No matter whether you are young or old, this is what you need for a happy life.

Sleep Mode - 23:00

When there’s so much stress, it’s important to enjoy a good night’s sleep

Put your smart home to Sleep mode, and just lie down on your bed. You don’t need to worry about things like closing the windows and curtains, and turning off the lights and TV before you sleep. The smart light bulbs can create suitable sleep lighting, to help you quickly fall off to sleep. If the air in the room is stale, the humidifier and air purifier automatically turn on and adjust the air quality. All of this ensures that you enjoy healthy sleep.

Safety Mode - Whole day

Nothing is more important than safety

Home security is not only about protecting your home from thieves, but also about managing water, electricity and gas safety. These are even more important. Water leakage, smoke and gas sensors can detect water leakage, fire and smoke, gas leaks, etc. in your home. In addition to sounding an alarm, the system can also automatically close the water valve and open the windows. Using the SOS panel, you can now call for help at the press of a button, in an emergency.

Smart Interaction - Whole day

Make life more beautiful inside and outside your home through the interactive system

In addition to the local controller, such as the smart K APP and WeChat on your smartphone, the background music system, TV, smart speakers and other devices are now part of the smart interaction system. Whether you are in the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, at office, or the subway, you can check and control everything in your home.

Health Mode - Whole day

Return to a natural, healthy, comfortable and pure life

Hazy days, big temperature difference between day and night or dry air, you no longer have to worry about these problems. The fresh air system, the floor heating system, the central air conditioning control system, the purifier, and the humidifier always ensure your home environment is comfortable.

For a simpler, more convenient, safer and more efficient smart home

Smart K is a smart interactive APP specially designed for Konke’s full house smart home system. It can be used on your smartphone using the APP.

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