Founded in 2010 in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Konke Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that conducts independent research and development for smart hardware, smart home as well as provides Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.


Over the past 6 years, Konke has comprehensively leveraged the historic opportunity brought by high-speed development of smart home and Internet of Things industry. Focusing on users, its mission is to reduce threshold for smart hardware, and through continuous innovation based on user demand, it has won the respect and trust of users.

Presently, our independently researched and developed smart products and comprehensive smart home solutions have been deployed in more than 20 countries and regions all over the world, and our IoT-based smart home appliances developed in partnership with home appliance enterprises, have been highly favored by growing number of Chinese families.

As one of the few domestic IoT industry solution providers, we provide electronic home appliance manufacturers, businesses and consumers with competitive IOT solutions and services, helping enterprises gain product advantages in the brand-new B2C business model, and thus giving customers a more convenient life-experience.

To lead the development of the industry, we adhere to our focusing strategy to continuously invest in research and development in fields such as core hardware, cloud data centers, smart terminals, etc, and grow step by step to be a pioneer in the industry based on the innovation driven by customer demand and cutting-edge technology. Konke’s core technology team already has more than 10 years’ experience of working together, with many key IoT technologies, 22 of which has obtained patents.

Konke is actively committed to sustainable development of the internet industry, and has leveraged years of professional experience in smart hardware industry, bridging the gap between smart homes and users, thereby enabling everyone to enjoy a high quality and smart life. We have put in tremendous efforts to ensure safe and stable operation of our cloud network, enabling users to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and promote low-carbon economic growth in their lives.

In January 2015, Konke successfully completed Series A round financing, and received RMB40 million investment from Holch Capital (China), the national IoT industry guide fund. After seeing Konke’s amazing achievements in smart hardware and smart home industry, as well as its strong following-up development momentum, Foxconn Technology Group became a strategic investor in Konke in 2016 and would provide strong backend support with regards to production and supply chain.

Our vision

We firmly believe that, “the future is an interconnected world”. Konke has open cooperation with partners, and strives to build a more efficient and integrated IoT system, so as to promote comprehensive interaction and connectivity between people, between people and things, and between things, enabling everyone and every family to enjoy the wonderful experience of smart life, and thus promoting the progress of times.

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