K Kit

Smart home made simple

K Kit is a system made up of 7 parts, a hub and 6 modules that are controlled by an app on your smartphone.
  • Plug and play

    No tool, no wire, no hole installation system
  • Impossibly small

    Precision engineering means you barely notice K Kit
  • Silky smooth

    Ultra-fine matte particles bring you the silky texture of chocolate
  • Elegant accents

    Understated, vacuum plated decorative features
  • Hidden power supply

    Compact and portable power supply pins for the road
  • Energy efficient

    Coin-style battery is easily exchanged and lasts more than two years
  • Environmentally friendly materials

    The circuit board is Pb free and packaging materials are recyclable

K Kit has integrated existing smart home features into an easily installed, unobtrusive and intuitive package that includes basic convenience, security and efficiency features

Great App,obviously

K Kit puts the benefits of a smart home in the hands
of anyone with a smartphone.

Smartphone app gives you as little control as you like.

One touch on the way to work activates “Goodbye” mode, which turns off appliances, closes garage door and engages security monitors.

Custom smartphone alerts announce unexpected activity and temperature spikes.

Change the channel on the TV, turn up the tunes and dial up any color of mood lighting without missing a beat.

Tap “Goodnight” to turn your TV off in 30 minutes and engage the motion-activated night light to your favorite shade of pink or blue.


Dimensions: 53x53x30mm
Input: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.1A
Output: 5V===3A
Range: >100m WIFI

Motion Sensor

Diameter: 31mm
Height: 12.27mm
Battery: CR2450
Range: >250m direct distance to hub

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Diameter: 31mm
Height: 15mm
Battery: CR2450
Range: >250m direct distance to hub

Colorful Induction Light

Diameter: 31mm
Height: 43.16mm
Input: 44.5V===0.2A

Infrared Remote Control

Dimensions: 12.30x26x12mm(the body)
Input: 5V===0.2A
Infrared frequency: 38KHz

Radio Frequency Remote Control

Dimensions: 30x26x12mm
Input: 5V===0.2A
Infrared frequency: 38KHz
Range: >15m

Open/shut Sensor

Dimensions: 45x24x12mm
Battery: CR1632
Range: >250m direct distance to hub
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